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The Value of Vintage - Carrera for Hugo Boss Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

For those among us who have always had a liking for items with a bit of history behind them, the new ‘vintage’ trend is more than a little frustrating. Some companies seem to believe that by adding ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ to the name can instantly double the value. Sadly, in the majority of cases this simply means you are buying someone else’s cast offs rather than a classic item. Trailing for true vintage classics takes a little more research and a good understanding of style and craftsmanship.

Vintage doesn’t always mean buying second-hand items that smell faintly of a mix of mothballs and Febreze. It means taking a style that has worked in the past and making it your own, be it through reproduction items or genuine pieces. So many people are fooled into believing that vintage means quality and even when this does prove to be the case, after 50 years the quality is certainly going to be questionable. This is especially the case in regards to sunglasses. Stylish they must be, but you also need to look out for good protection and a frame that you are not afraid to use.

When you think of vintage style images of those classic films from the 50’s and 60’s are so often conjured up and it is always interesting to note how items seen in these films pop up time and time again. Steve McQueen’s Persol sunglasses were an object of stylish masculinity. This aviator style has been seen throughout the last century and is one of the few that flatters nearly ever face.

At Malford of London we are proud to offer Carrera for Hugo Boss sugnlasses that epitomise vintage style without compromising in quality. They are New Old Stock, handmade in Germany and extremely rare. The design is both sleek and masculine, with a tortoiseshell frame and a style that Steve McQueen himself would be jealous of.

Take a look at the collection here.

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